Our definition of Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is essential to take strategic, tactical and operation decisions. Which developments in the market offer opportunities and which are a threat? What is the strategic intent of your competitor? Is your proposition distinctive and relevant?

Market Intelligence answers these questions and more. It helps you to optimize your competitive position and determine where to play and how to win. By doing this, you can make real impact on your future business and build the business of your ambitions.

Our playing field

Annalise offers insight into your external environment on which you can base well-timed business development decisions. We combine market, competitor and customer insights into powerful Market Intelligence that supports you to achieve your business development goals.

Why work with us?

Annalise supports you in building and growing the successful companies of
tomorrow. With our unique Annalise approach, we enable our clients to make
the best strategic decisions.

Our secret ingredients

The Market Intelligence expert

With over 30 years of experience, Annalise is the expert research and consultancy firm in Market Intelligence. With our focused and fact-based approach, we provide superior insights in your external environment that help you determine and achieve your strategic goals.

Our team of highly qualified experts

We are a team of highly qualified experts. Our consultants combine superb analytical skills with resourcefulness and a healthy dose of pragmatism. They will challenge your strategic intuition and deliver actionable results that suit your unique business.

Unique tailor-made approach

No business, industry or challenge is the same. We will tailor our unique blend of fact-based analysis tools and journalistic investigation methods to answer your specific strategic, tactical and operational questions.

Dedication to your long-term success

At Annalise we want you to succeed in the long term. We are as committed to your business as you are. We are fast and flexible when it comes to answering your questions, and your questions only. Therefore, our clients choose Annalise repeatedly.


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Meet our team


Managing Director

It’s our ambition to further optimize the business development strategy and competitive advantages of our customers by using profound and fact-based insights of their external environment translated into actionable and successful strategy.



Dedicated to grow your business. My passion lies in putting Market Intelligence into practice. Let’s connect to find out how we can support you in actionable strategy and business development.



As a person driven by a natural curiosity who wishes to fully understand the world, it is my goal to provide our clients with the best Market Intelligence insights for their strategic questions.



With analytical skills and creative thinking, we can connect the dots quickly for dynamic markets. The aim is to provide key external market insights and identify growth potential for our clients. Your success is our goal.



“When one understands everything one will never learn anything.”
What I enjoy most is using my eagerness to learn to gain in-depth market insights to answer our clients’ complex challenges.



Using the right research methods to come up with a tailor-made strategic advice; that is my goal.
Every project is like putting together a new puzzle in which research and creativity come together and that variety and depth make me enthusiastic every day.


China Expert

Driven by both technology and business, I have established solid working experiences in business development and market strategies. I assist my customers to identity their growth strategy and achieve their target in a fact-based manner.

Join Us

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to become a member of our highly qualified team of Market Intelligence experts?

Annalise likes to meet ambitious and enthusiastic people who can strengthen our team. We regularly have interest in finding new team members at different levels of expertise.

What do we have to offer?

It goes without saying that you will be well-rewarded at Annalise, with plenty of room for entrepreneurship. But above all, we offer you an inspiring work environment with lots of variety, challenging assignments and room for personal development.

A career that fits like a glove

Our people are our strength. That is why Annalise encourages you to develop your unique talents and interests. Supported by our mentors and team members, you advance your skills and talents in practice.
At Annalise you are the captain of your own career. A talent for business development? Advising customers with nifty Market Intelligence? Or rather dig deeper and develop new Annalise methods to serve our clients even better? Annalise has the job for you!


Intelligence ManagerIntelligence DirectorPractice ManagerPractice DirectorPartnerSenior ConsultantConsultant

Send us your application


We are always curious to meet ambitious, skilled and enthusiastic people who can strengthen our team. Contact us via mail@annalise.nl or give us a call at 030 214 8303.

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The Annalise website, a new and refreshing look!

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