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Why Market Intelligence Why Market Intelligence Our vision on Intelligence Corporate intelligence is the skill to combine existing knowledge and experience within your organization. Insights are based on internal and external sources. In ... »

Services Services Annalise gives direction to the growth of your organization Business development is about timely choosing the right growth strategies. This growth can be realized by increasing ... »

About Annalise About Annalise The specialist in Market Intelligence Annalise Market Intelligence is the agency in the Netherlands that specializes in market intelligence. Since its beginning Annalise has been working ... »

Contact Contact Address Maliebaan 74 3581 CV Utrecht The Netherlands   Mail Address P.O. Box 19085 3501 DB Utrecht The Netherlands   Phone +31 (0)30 214 8303   Email »

Why Annalise is critical for your success

Annalise is a research and consultancy firm specialized in market intelligence, supporting our clients in strategic decision making. We provide market intelligence services with focus on B2B marketing and business development.

Typical projects are market entry decisions, opportunity scans, competitor monitoring, B2B client satisfaction studies and partner selection studies.

We work for market intelligence professionals, marketing managers and business development managers in almost any industry. Our sectors of expertise include Financial services, FMCG, Technology and Energy. We work for leading international companies but also for SMEs.

Our approach is fact based, pragmatic, creative and flexible. The aspirations and afflictions of our client are our starting point. From there we define our approach and the application of analysis- and research techniques. Annalise is specialized in deskresearch and expert interviews, while we also offer online survey services.

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